We are pleased to announce that Smart Navigation Systems project  has been recognized as one of the WSIS Prize 2016 Champions and finalists in the prize category (8) . Below is the link for the WSIS champions.


WSIS Prize Champions are those who their projects were among the most voted ones and having one of the most reviews by the members of the Expert Group. Within the five selected projects per each 18 categories, one will be announced as the Winner, while other four will be publicly announced as the WSIS conference in Geneva from 2-6 May 2016 Prize champions . We will be awarded with a Champion certificate during the WSIS special ceremony


Smart Navigation System initiative revolves around developing a smart indoor positioning and navigation (IPIN) mobile application and solutions where users with the help of a smartphone can receive indoor voice guided navigation and location based information alerts to make it easy to find and explore places and items in places like shopping malls, museums or other “big” buildings catering to the needs of visitors. The initiative is run under the UAE based startup Smart Navigation System.

Link to the video in YouTube : https://youtu.be/-sZm5yLOJRk

For more information , please visit our web site www.smartnavigation.ae


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