Our  innovative platform, application and solution  will be available soon in app stores and has unique smart specifications and functionality such as :

  • Indoor positioning and navigation on mobile devices ( Android & IOS ) supporting multi-floors with voice guidance and distance to the destination
  • One mobile application that works for all types of venues anywhere in the world
  • 2D & 3D maps in the mobile devices with smart functionalities
  • Configurable themes & colors for the mobile application
  • Search functionality in the mobile app by venue, type, category, facilities , brands and products
  • Configurable without coding for different types of venues such as shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, airports, universities  and hospitals
  • Venue administration from panel to manage content maps , users and privileges
  • Modular in design for integration with multiple positioning engines technologies ( Radio Frequency based and Geomagnatic )
  • Flexible setup and options for every venue
  • Displays the nearest venue with distance
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor voice guided navigation
  • Platform is customizable for non-consumer market applications ( Factories, warehouses,..)
  • Find friends option (with their permission) and navigation to their location
  • User privacy management
  • Specialized functionality for children tracking with a dedicated mobile app
  • Supports multi language
  • Provides analytics and heatmaps on venue visitors behavior

Indoor positioning system “IPS” solutions  helps locate objects and people inside buildings using radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals or other sensory information collected by mobile devices.

The purpose of IPS solutions is to create better user experiences for visitors and customers of large, complex venues such as hospitals, shopping malls, exhibition centres and airports, to name but a few.

Examples of benefits include:

  • Increase shopping malls engagement with their customers – types of applications to this effect include mobile couponing, in-store assistance, advertisements for new products, floor planning analytics – and theft control.
  • Benefits within the health care sector through improved navigation for patients and tracking of equipment within hospitals.
  • Asset tracking methods for industrial manufacturing may be improved by process control and traceability systems that track products through their manufacturing life-cycle.
  • Exhibition centres, museums and even educational campuses can be expected to benefit from indoor positioning services including local information such as the agenda for the nearest conference rooms, automated digital concierge services, audio guides of museums and social networking applications