Smart Navigation Systems develops indoor positioning system (IPS) solutions where users with the help of a smartphone can receive indoor voice guided navigation and location based information alerts to make it easy to find and explore places and items  in places like shopping malls, museums or other “big” buildings catering to the needs of visitors .

Residents of Abu Dhabi the city often have problems finding their way inside large, complex buildings. And once they there, they may not find enough information about the attraction point, leaving them vaguely guessing about their item of interest.

Smart Navigation Systems’ IPS solutions will solve these problems by providing an intelligent indoor navigation system that helps users easily identify and reach indoor attractions and  in the city using  their smartphones, as well as receiving detailed information about things that they are interested in.

The system will assist visitors through voice guidance inside buildings.

Design – build – operate – maintain

Smart Navigation Systems offer complete life-cycle management of your IPS solutions:

Design: We design the infrastructure that is required to enable IPS at your venue

User Needs Analysis

  • Requirement specification
  • Conceptual Design
  • Physical Design

Build: We build the physical infrastructure – we procure, integrate and test the components.

  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Training

Operation & maintenance: We keep your solution running and up-to-date

  • Content Management
  • User Support
  • Maintenance (Hardware, Software, Application, Mapping, Service)